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I found this wonderful article on Active Rain today by Mike Cooper. These points are what every entrepreneur should do…Take a read….

……What is your brand telling the world?

You can make sure your brand is telling the world you’re the best choice for their business. Here are a few suggestions that might spur that along:

  • Answer the phone and answer it quickly.
  • Return calls, emails and texts.
  • Always be polite – even with those who are rude.
  • Be proactive. Anticipate a client’s needs and try to meet them before he even knows he has them.
  • Follow through.
  • Meet every deadline.
  • Don’t leave people waiting on you.
  • Shock your clients with your efficiency. Trust me, they don’t see that a lot these days.
  • Keep your clients in the loop. 
  • Explain everything all the time. Make sure your clients always understand what is going on.
  • Don’t boast about yourself. Let your skills show who you are and what you can do. 
  • Make the best of every opportunity.
  • Take responsiblity for mistakes and apologize quickly. Always make it right. 
  • Treat every client like she/he is the only one. 
  • Choose to be honest.
  • Jettison things that don’t work quickly. Don’t waste money on failed marketing, staff or systems. 
  • Always be dependable.

To read the full article by Mike Cooper, visit: http://actvra.in/4Y5Q

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